Achieving the American Dream

Real Estate in the USA without Social Security

Real Estate in the USA without Social Security. The United States has long been a beacon of hope and opportunity for individuals from around the world. One of the key aspects of the American Dream is owning real estate property, but many assume that this is only possible for US citizens or those with social security cards. However, Pilgrims Mortgage has made it possible for non-citizens to achieve this dream through the use of Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN).

ITIN: A Key to Financing Real Estate

The IRS issues ITINs for tax purposes, and while they do not offer the same benefits as social security cards, they do enable individuals to open credit lines and build credit. This opens up opportunities for non-citizens to apply for mortgages and purchase real estate property in the US. Pilgrims Mortgage has guided numerous individuals through this process, helping them achieve their dream of owning property in the US.

Tailoring Mortgage Loans for Non-Citizens

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Real Estate in the USA without Social Security.

At Pilgrims Mortgage, we understand that every individual’s financial situation is unique. That’s why we offer customized mortgage loans tailored to each person’s needs. Our team works closely with non-citizen applicants to ensure they receive the best possible financing options. We believe that owning real estate in the US should not be limited to citizens only, and we strive to make this dream accessible to all.

An Immigrant’s Understanding and Appreciation

Pilgrims Mortgage was founded by an immigrant who understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with starting a new life in the US. We appreciate the value of hard work, dedication, and the desire to contribute to this great nation. Our mission is to guide individuals towards a better future, and we take pride in helping non-citizens achieve their goals.


In conclusion, owning real estate property in the US is not exclusive to citizens or social security cardholders. With the ITIN, non-citizens can now finance their dream property and build a better future. Pilgrims Mortgage is dedicated to making this process accessible and streamlined, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to prosper in the United States.