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What is a conventional loan?

To summarize, a conventional home loan is a type of mortgage that isn't backed by a government agency, such as the FHA or VA. Learn More

Why FHA insured loans are very popular?

The reason why the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured loans are very popular for first-time home buyers, is because its features allow borrowers to get low mortgage rates with a minimal down payment. Learn More

Is a NON-QM product a good choice?

It all depends on different factors such as; income, credit history and citizenship status. Unlike a qualified mortgage, a NON-QM mortgage does not follow the same stringent guidelines set by a standard mortgage. Learn More

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The Home Buying Process

How much house can you afford? It's an important question to answer before you hire a real estate agent and start house hunting. With so many factors to consider — the down payment, interest rates, property taxes, and your monthly expenses, to name just a few — answering the seemingly simple question “How much home can I afford?” is trickier than you might think.



Apply for your mortgage with Pilgrims Mortgage. Know your buying power, and monthly payment options, and show sellers that you’re serious with a pre-approval letter.

Start house hunting! An agent knows your market and works with you to find your dream home on your budget. When you find your perfect home, present the seller with a purchase contract with all the details.


Once an offer’s accepted, the home needs to be appraised. Next, underwriters check over the financials before clearing you to close. Then it’s time to sign and move in.





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How to refinance a mortgage

A rate-and-term refinance lets you change the term (which includes the length of your loan and payment amount) or interest of your loan or both. This gives you options to lower your rate, bring in cash to lower your principal loan balance or pay off your loan faster.




A cash-out refinance replaces existing mortgages on a property, plus potentially provides cashback at closing. Because the loan is typically higher than what you currently owe, the difference between the cost of the transaction and your current loan is paid to you in cash.




Borrowers may elect not to provide income and credit documentation in exchange for a smaller discount on their interest rate.





Extra Payment Mortgage Calculator

See if you should refinance your mortgage. Enter the details of your current home loan along with details of a new loan to estimate your savings and see if refinancing is right for you!

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Refinance Saving

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Lifetime Savings
New Payment
Payoff Period
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Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

Monthly PMI $0

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It is time to leave your slow, old-school, high-cost bank in the dust. Pilgrims Mortgage is your future to homeownership. 


You may qualify for a conventional loan with as little as 3% down.

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This is a great program to start your journey as a new homeowner.

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